Drving School Features

Yes, our car is available for you to take it to the road test for $70 fee. We want you to be comfortable and relaxing knowing that you will be using the same car you practiced in while taking your driving lessons.

It completely depends on your ability to learn driving. Some students learn fast and others take time to learn. One key thing in learning is the practical training. We make our students practice more an more so that they could be more comfortable with the driving and could pass the driving test with flying colors.

Yes, we can guide you the through the process and in same cases we can book your road test on behalf of you with your authorization.

Yes! It is a big part of what we teach, from risk avoidance to knowing how to get out of a skid. Each and every time we take our students out we are talking and showing them defensive techniques to keep them safer. Thats are goal.